New issue published

We are very pleased to announce the publication of our sixth issue of CGS. The issue includes six research articles, one commentary and a book review. You can read the issue here:   We encourage you to share the issue or individual articles with people that you think might be interested!   We are also happy to announce two new CGS blog entries: "Dreams to Digital Realities: An Exploration of Narratives in Gaming" by Cait Salmon.   "The GameBling Game Jam: Game Jams as a Method for Studying Gambling Games" by Pauline Hoebanx, Idun Isdrake, Sylvia Kairouz, Bart Simon, & Martin French.   All of CGS's publications are available open access. We invite you to read the new issue and the new blogs or to read (or re-read) any of CGS's publications. You can explore all the CGS blog entries and our entire archive of issues