Special Issue Guidance

Critical Gambling Studies Special issue Guidance

CGS welcomes proposals for themed issues of the journal, and the editorial team will work to proactively support special issue editors. Special issues are an important way to raise the profile of the journal, to explore new themes in gambling research, and to invite a variety of contributors to engage with the journal. We have previously published special issues on Early Career Research; Critical Indigenous Gambling Studies; and Philosophy and Gambling: Reflections from Macao.

When proposing a special issue, please briefly outline:

  • The proposed special issue editors, and their relevant expertise. Special issue editors take lead responsibility for the issue – e.g. the call for papers; identifying reviewers and sending submissions for review; communicating with authors; finalizing manuscripts etc. They will be supported by the CGS editorial team. We suggest that at least two special issue editors are named to lead an issue, to ensure a calm and sustainable workload for you (and working in a team is more fun!).
  • The proposed theme, and how it relates to the scope of the journal. This should cover why the theme is timely and significant, and how it builds on existing work or opens new avenues of research.
  • The plan for generating papers. This might include a list of authors who are already interested in submitting (e.g. from a recent workshop); use of listservs to circulate a call for papers to relevant experts; social media outreach to generate creative content; etc.
  • A clear timeline for the proposed special issue.
  • Whether you have access to any resources to support the proposed special issue (institutional support for copy editing, etc). Resources are not required for a proposal to be successful, but if they are available then knowing about them in advance helps us plan.

Please send the outline to uagaming@ualberta.ca