Critical Gambling Studies Blog

Critical Gambling Studies has now been publishing blog entries for about one year and we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share or re-share some of the thought-provoking work we've published in this venue. We hope you will enjoy reading or re-reading these articles and perhaps consider sharing them with colleagues or students that you think might be interested. This week, we are highlighting our first two blog entries.

  Our first blog post, by Fiona Nicoll and Mark R. Johnson, "The Walking Dead: Conflicts of Interest in Gambling and Video Gaming Reviewing" investigates the differences between testing, reviewing and procedures to address conflicts of interest in gambling and video gaming by comparing reviews of The Walking Dead video games and electronic gambling machines. This reveals that the relationship between gambling product developers and reviewers is strikingly opaque. The blog entry explores why this might be the case, why it matters, and what might be done about it. The blog is also available as a PDF on our website:

  Our second blog post, "Money laundering in British Columbian Casinos" by Garry Smith considers the case of money laundering in casinos in British Columbia, Canada and highlights the conflict of interest that arises when states, which are responsible for regulating gambling, rely on gambling revenues. The blog is also available as a PDF on our website: