Patterns of Disciplinary Involvement and Academic Collaboration in Gambling Research: A Co-Citation Analysis


  • Murat Akcayir University of Alberta
  • Fiona Nicoll University of Alberta
  • David G. Baxter Gambling Research Exchange Ontario



gambling, citation analysis, bibliometrics, academic disciplines


The purpose of this study was to investigate the current academic research foci in peer-reviewed studies on gambling. The researchers used co-citation analysis as a bibliometrics method. All the gambling-related publications indexed in Scopus and Web of Science were identified, and their citation patterns were analyzed. Our dataset includes a total of 2418 peer-reviewed gambling studies published over the five-year period from 2014–2018. The VOSviewer tool was used to visualize bibliometric networks and reveal key clusters among the studies. The findings indicate that gambling researchers mostly cited authors from the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, health science, and psychiatry. Only 2% of the cited authors were from other disciplines, such as those in the social sciences and humanities. The most frequently cited sources also reveal the same pattern: that gambling researchers mostly cited articles published in neuroscience, psychology, and health science journals. The publications reviewed deal mainly with the pathological and treatment aspects of gambling. We also discovered some unique patterns of citation and collaboration, focusing on topics such as videogames, social network games, family, business, and tourism.

Author Biographies

Murat Akcayir, University of Alberta

Murat Akçayır is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta.

Fiona Nicoll, University of Alberta

Fiona Nicoll is the author of Gambling in Everyday Life: Spaces, Moments and Products of Enjoyment and based in the Political Science department at the University of Alberta where she holds an Alberta Gambling Research Institute Chair in gambling policy. She is a co-editor of Critical Gambling Studies and the author of numerous book chapters and articles on reconciliation and Indigenous sovereignty, critical race and whiteness studies, queer theory and critical theory and pedagogy in the neo-liberal university.  

David G. Baxter, Gambling Research Exchange Ontario

David G. Baxter is a recipient of the Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI) Graduate Scholarship and has previously worked as an employee of Gambling Research Exchange Ontario.




How to Cite

Akcayir, M., Nicoll, F., & Baxter, D. G. (2021). Patterns of Disciplinary Involvement and Academic Collaboration in Gambling Research: A Co-Citation Analysis. Critical Gambling Studies, 2(1), 21–28.

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