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We are very pleased to announce the publication of our sixth issue of CGS. The issue includes six research articles, one commentary and a book review.    We are also happy to announce two new CGS blog entries: "Dreams to Digital Realities: An Exploration of Narratives in Gaming" by Cait Salmon.    "The GameBling Game Jam: Game Jams as a Method for Studying Gambling Games" by Pauline Hoebanx, Idun Isdrake, Sylvia Kairouz, Bart Simon, & Martin French.    We encourage you to share the issue or individual articles with people that you think might be interested!   All of CGS's publications are available open access. We invite you to read the new issue and the new blogs or to read (or re-read) any of CGS's publications. You can explore all the CGS blog entries and our entire archive of issues Read more about New issue published

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023)
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Critical Gambling Studies is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually. We welcome original research and writing from researchers working in established disciplines including: philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, criminology, aesthetics, history, economics, literature, theology, art history and architecture, tourism and leisure studies, public health and law. We are also keen to consider interdisciplinary approaches to gambling research within an activist tradition. Our focus is primarily on research in the humanities and social sciences, but we would be excited to see innovative and accessible work in medicine, life sciences and other disciplines. We are open to any methodological tradition, including: phenomenology; ethnography; meta-analysis and big data analytics; critical race and indigenous studies; conjunctural analysis; experimental studies; survey methods; fieldwork; semiotic analysis; psychoanalysis; political economy; narrative analysis; statistical analysis and quantitative methods; and archival research.

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